Regular Email Reports

Included with your licence to NEM-Review are subscriptions to NEM-Reports, our regular email service with weekly or monthly graphical summaries of recent NEM data. You can easily manage which email addresses receive reports with the NEM-Reports manager inside NEM-Review.

Three different reports are published to provide updates on different aspects of the NEM.

The Week-to-Yesterday Report is emailed to you every Monday to help you understand what has happened in the NEM over the previous week.

The Monthly Generator Report is emailed to you once a month with detailed information on generator production, spot revenue, resource usage, and emissions sorted by fuel type.

The NEM-to-Date Report is emailed to you once a month with data trends from the beginning of the NEM up until the current month.

We have also created customised reporting templates, to keep specific clients updated on the areas of greatest interest to them in the market.