Data Selection

NEM-Review’s analysis tools provide a logical sequence of steps for selecting the specific data and dates you are interested in, from a wide array of data sets available from the start of the NEM up to today.

Select the date range to analyse either by specifying a start and end date, or choose to query the last N days, weeks, months or years (relative to today).

NEM-Review provides advanced date selection settings for more complex queries. You can limit the selected to peak and off-peak times of the day, include or exclude public holidays in your selection, or negate your date selection for even more flexibility.

NEM-Review makes it easy to select the data of interest with the logically designed data selector. To ensure you understand each of the available data sets, data definitions tooltips are displayed as you select your data.

When selecting generator data, you can group stations by region, fuel type, owner (or many other attributes) and include data summed by these generator groups in your graph or table.

NEM-Review allows you to select data at the level of detail you need. Choose from a variety of time resolutions including trading (30 minute) data, or daily, weekly, monthly data (and more) for any data set.

For resolutions  or a day or longer, the values for each time period can be calculated as the minimum, maximum, mean, median or total of all the 30-minute values within the day, week, or month (etc). NEM-Review makes it easy to change this aggregation method (min, max, etc) for each of the different data sets in your analysis.

With these tools you can create graphs and tables with large amounts of data from the wealth of information available in NEM-Review.