Getting started with NEM-Review

In this section, we provide you technical instructions about how to get started with NEM-Review.

If you�re looking discussion about the benefits you should gain during your enjoyment of NEM-Review, these are provided separately.


We�ve prepared this overview to illustrate how
NEM-Review will function on your local network.

System Requirements

For your IT Administrator, we have a listing of System Requirements that are needed to run NEM-Review.

The options below explain how to set up NEM-Review. We�ve provided instructions in considerable detail, in case you get lost � however you may not need to refer to them all.

Install Trial Upgrade Trial to Commercial Licence Install Commercial Licence

How to set up a new free trial of NEM-Review.

How to set up a full commercial licence after you've been running a trial.

How to set up a full commercial licence for NEM-Review from scratch.

Licence Conditions

By activating NEM-Review, you signify your acceptance with these NEM-Review licence conditions.