How to Install a New Trial

Get started with a free 14-day trial* of NEM-Review through which you can assess the capabilities of NEM-Review.   It takes about 5-10 minutes to get started, and you may need an IT Administrator handy.

The only difference between a trial and commercial licence is that your trial will be limited to 6 months of historical NEM data, and it will be slower to start up.

* Your one time only trial is free and no obligation, and provided as a service to help you understand how an annual licence to NEM-Review will be of benefit to you.

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Create a GR-ID Account

Step 1. Create a GR-ID Account

If you don't have a GR-ID account, click the button to create one.

If you already have a GR-ID but have forgotten your login details, retrieve them here.

You'll need your GR-ID username and password in Step 4.


Step 2. Download the NEM-Review Installer

Download the latest version of the installer for the NEM-Review Analysis Client.


Step 3. Install NEM-Review

Run the install file downloaded in Step 2 and follow the screens.

On Windows Vista and Windows 7, to run the installer you must right click the file and select "Run As Administrator".

Click this button for more details.


Step 4. Activate NEM-Review

Once the installation is complete, run the NEM-Review Analysis Client from the icon on your desktop or start menu, or by ticking the "Launch NEM-Review Client" box at the end of the installer in Step 3.

When NEM-Review starts you will be asked to activate a licence. You'll need your GR-ID username and password from Step 1. Click this button for more details.

Configure Database

Step 5. Configure your Database Connection

Once your licence is activated NEM-Review will ask you to select a database. Click this button for more details.