Raw Data

NEM-Review has been developed with a logical design that ensures that you can access the specific data you’re looking for, where and when you need it.

This starts with supply of raw data, sourced from the AEMO and a range of other sources.

As part of its role in dispatching the market, the AEMO publishes a wide range of data relating to various activities in the NEM.  Within NEM-Review, we’ve taken the deliberate approach of filtering out what might be “noise” for your routine analysis needs, and providing you automated updates of this core set of trading (30-minute) data.

The NEM has been operating since 13th December 1998. 

Hence, within NEM-Review, we provide you a starting database (that’s stored at your end, and updated each morning) containing extensive data history (back to the start of the NEM, or the earliest published date –as the case may be).

What’s more, the database we supply you is yours to keep forever, even if you should choose not to continue your licence after the current year. 

Within NEM-Review, we’ve also updated a range of unit factors (such as heat rates, coal quality and emissions factors) that are used in conjunction with the raw data updated by AEMO to calculate a range of derived variables.

Furthermore, with the release of version 6 we have invested considerable effort in a rigorous data cleansing process, to ensure that your data is of the highest quality possible.