Choose from a Variety of Time Resolutions

In NEM-Review 5 data could be graphed on a variety of time resolutions such as trading period, daily, weekly, monthly, etc. V5 also featured the time of day resolution.

In NEM-Review 6 we've added day of week and month of year time resolutions, which combine each data series into 7 values for the days of the week, or 12 values for the months of the year.

These time resolutions allow you to aggregate data over a longer date range so you can easily see the general trends that occur within these repeating cycles.

With the new "everything" resolution in NEM-Review 6 you can find the total, minimum, maximum, mean or median for any dataset over any single date range.

You could use this option in conjunction with the improved date range selector to find the peak NEM-wide or regional demand in a particular month, during peak times, or for all time. This is another easy-to-use tool that can help you get your analysis done faster.