Renew NEM-Review

Licence Renewal Prices

NEM-Review updater and client licences can be renewed for 365 days at the prices listed below. You will receive a 10% discount off the standard renewal price if you renew at least 42 days before your current licence expires.

  Silver Model Bronze Model
  Standard Renewal Early Renewal Standard Renewal Early Renewal
First licence $7,920 $7,040 $3,960 $3,520
Additional licences $6,336 $5,632 $3,168 $2,816
1 user licence pack $990 $880 $495 $440
5 user licence pack $1,980 $1,760 $990 $880
20 user licence pack $2,970 $2,640 $1,485 $1,320
All prices include GST

For new licence prices, see the complete list of licence prices for NEM-Review.

Thinking about changing to a different model of NEM-Review? See the comparison of NEM-Review models.

Renew Your Licences

  1. Login below using your username and password. If you don't have a username, select Option 2 and create one
  2. Select the renewals you would like to purchase from the order page
  3. Select the licences to apply the renewals to, then click Checkout
  4. Name your licences then scroll to the bottom of the page and select Continue
  5. Please confirm your contact details and press Confirm
  6. Choose your method of payment and press Continue
  7. Don't forget to print your invoice
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