System Requirements

NEM-Review Client

Hardware (recommended)

1.5 GHz processor (or better) (multi-core is best)


100 MB Hard Drive Space (.NET 2.0 may require an additional 200 MB of Hard Drive space)


Windows XP (SP3), Windows Server 2003 (SP 2), Windows Server 2008 (R1 & R2), Windows Vista (SP 2), or Windows 7



Internet access is required for activation of the software, which occurs on first run and also once every year when the licence requires extension. Access is required for the following locations:

  • over port 80

NEM-Review will allow you to enter proxy details during first run or via the options menu. It will also attempt to determine these settings automatically from internet explorer.

Using the minimum settings some functionality will not be available, this includes:

  • The web database (which means trials require additional internet access to work)
  • Messages sent from us to alert you to changes
  • The ability to alter your NEM-Reports subscription details


For maximum functionality, you'll need to allow the NEM-Review client access to the following locations:

  • over HTTP port 80
  • over HTTP port 80

    Please note that in version 6.3.151 and below, HTTP requests from the NEM-Review Client to the web database address have their content type marked as XML in the header of the request, but the actual content is a BZIP stream. If your proxy interrogates and "fixes" headers based on content type or otherwise handles the mismatch between the two in any way other than "request allowed", it can cause issues with the NEM-Review Client accessing data over the web database. The mismatch between content type and actual content is a known issue, and will be fixed in a future release of the software.



The installation must be run under an administrator account. On Vista and Windows 7 you may have to explicitly force the installer to run as administrator (by right click -> Run as Administrator) even when on an administrator account and UAC asks you to raise permissions.

The NEM-Review client writes to files in the common application data path for your system. You will need to allow write access to this location.

In Windows XP, the default common application data path maps to
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\

In Windows Vista and above, the common application data path maps to

If connecting to a local network database, the Windows user account requires read access to the database, and modify access to the folder containing the database.


The NEM-Review client has the ability to scan the network for local NEM-Review databases. For this functionality to work you'll need to allow local network traffic on port 9990.

The NEM-Review client has the ability to store the network database location as a ODBC DSN setting. The application will automatically request to elevate permissions when you try and do so.