How to Install a Commercial Licence

Follow these instructions to install your commercial licence for NEM-Review from scratch.

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Set Up NEM-Review


Step 1. Download the NEM-Review Analysis Client Installer


Step 2. Install the NEM-Review Analysis Client

Run the install file downloaded in Step 5 and follow the screens.

On Windows Vista and Windows 7, to run the installer you must right click the file and select "Run As Administrator".

Activate Analysis Client

Step 3. Activate the NEM-Review Analysis Client

Once the installation is complete, run the NEM-Review Analysis Client from the icon on your desktop or start menu, or by ticking the "Launch NEM-Review Client" box at the end of the installer in Step 7.

Follow these instructions to activate your licence.

Configure Analysis Client

Step 4. Configure your Analysis Client to use the New Database

Once your new database is downloaded, follow these instructions to configure your NEM-Review Analysis Client to connect to it.


Your copy of NEM-Review is now set up and ready to start analysing. Click here to find out more about how to use NEM-Review.