Why are some data series not selectable?

You may find in NEM-Review that several of your dataset selection options are unavailable (i.e. the check box does not appear). There are several reasons for this:

  1. If the entire column is unslectable, and the title of the column is greyed out, it is because the model of NEM-Review that you are using does not allow you to analyse that dataset. For more information see the datasets available in different models of NEM-Review.
  2. If the entire row is unselectable, and the title of the row is greyed out, it is becayse the unit, station, or group is non-scheduled. The AEMO does not provide information for non-scheduled units and thus we cannot plot data for them in NEM-Review.
  3. If you are plotting a derived dataset (the title of the column is in italics) it may be that NEM-Review does not have enough factors to calculate the dataset for the given unit.

NEM-Review uses Auxillary Factors, Marginal Loss Factors, Heat Rates, Coal Quality Factors, and Emission Factors from a variety of these sources, and the factors used can be seen in the Generator Catalog (Tools->Generator Catalog). However, since we attempt to use high quality factors in NEM-Review it means that in many cases we do not have the required information to calculate a dataset.

Groups of generators (i.e. a region of generators) may also be blocked from plotting some datasets for this reason. For example, if half of the coal stations in QLD do not have Coal Quality Factors than Coal Burnt cannot be safley calculated (because the result would be half of the actual values). NEM-Review uses a complicated algorithm to complicate if a dataset should be valid for a group of generators (i.e. if gas generators are missing coal quality information this should not prevent Queensland from plotting coal burnt).

We have taken this approach to insure that the data returned by NEM-Review is reliable. As a principal NEM-Review would rather return no data, than data that cannot be relied upon.