Exporting Graphs and Data

Exporting a Graph

Click through for instructions on how to export a graph to an image file.

Exporting Data

Exporting to a CSV file

  1. Once you have selected your data, click the Export to CSV button in the menu on the left, or at the bottom of the screen in design view.
  2. In the Save As screen that appears:
    1. Browse to the folder where you would like your CSV file to be saved
    2. Enter a name for your CSV file in the File name box, and click Save

NEM-Review will save your file, and you will be able to open in it in any program that reads the CSV format (e.g. Excel).

Copy and Paste

  1. Once you have selected your data, go to Table View by clicking the button:
  2. Select the cells to copy by clicking and dragging in the table. Clicking the grey space in the top-left corner of the table will select the entire table.
  3. Press and hold the Ctrl key, then press the C key at the same time.
  4. Open the program or document that you will paste the data into (e.g. an Excel spreadsheet)
  5. Press Ctrl+V to paste the data.