...and report this to others.


Once you’ve drawn your own insights into what’s been happening in the NEM, you can use NEM Review, or the data generated in NEM-Review, to present your findings to others in the form of your choice.

You’re able to use NEM-Review to:

  1. Display data in graphical form, and customize the chart to suit your tastes before saving for incorporation into your report;
  2. Show data in tabular form – then copy and paste into Excel;
  3. Export to CSV for use elsewhere.
  4. Additionally, we’ve included a subscription to the NEM-Reports reporting service as part of your NEM-Review package, so that you’ll received a preconfigured report each week or month to keep you updated with what’s been going on in the market.

These reporting mechanisms let you easily share a clear perspective of the NEM across your organisation.

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